Nonviolence Training

So, today I went to an 8 hour seminar on non-violence and the Michigan Peace Team. I really found it very interesting if not exactly what I was looking for.

I went hoping that I would be able to learn something on how to keep your anger in check during conflict and when people oppose you so I could be a more effective mother and lead worker. However, we didn't really hit on those issues.

But I did gain a lot of information about how to diffuse conflict between two other people. Such as diverting their attention from one another by talking about something completely off topic, introducing yourself and bringing the attention, whether good or bad, onto yourself. The group was looking for recruits to go out on the streets druing protests and such to keep a non-violent presence. I found the whole thing very intriquing. But I passed on hitting the pavement myself.

My #1 reason? My kids. What would happen if I was injured or killed in the field? That's why I didn't marry a fireman or a cop. I have great honor for those people in those fields. My brother was a cop and my aunt and uncle are firefighters...but it's not the route I choose for me or my children.

I did, however, find one of the facilitaotors extremely interesting to listen to. He was a lifer in the military, for 27 years. After retiring, he devoted himself to nonviolence because of what he saw and was forced to do in the military. While I didn't agree with absolutely everything he said, I did find him so intelligent and engaging to listen to.

Maybe God had other reasons for me to be ther today (it was at my church). I did meet two women who I think can help me with my quest for calmness and anger management. One is another mom who also has anger issues and is part of the M.O.M.S. group at our church and the other is a social worker. I don't want the kids to feel the pain of anger like I do. And if they see it from me, they could have the same issues. So April is going to send me tons of information on anger management. Yay!

I had some time to reflect on the day on my drive home. And when I pulled into the driveway I was met with screams....yes, SCREAMS of the boys who were so excited to see their momma.

And I reminded myself....this is why I love being a mom so much.


MamaTink said...

Sounds like a really motivating seminar. I home the new mom's can give you the inpiration to carry it over into your home life.


Anonymous said...

Anger is a tough one but not impossible. I still work, daily, to not show my anger so quickly. It SO isn't easy, but it's easier than it was a few years ago.

I'm a control freak to the extreme. I finally realized that anger, no matter how methodical or maybe controlling it can be, is nothing but chaos. For me, retaining control is very important and after realizing my angry outbursts were taking that away from me, I decided to control the anger instead of letting it control me.

I'm still not much on showing other emotions but I'm a work in progress. My 16 year old (the ex cutter) is SOOOO like me. He has a short fuse and I think a lot of it stems from control issues. Things have to be extremely orderly and he must be in control, otherwise things are...well, chaotic. I wish I could show him what I see now, what I've learned but he's stubborn and wants to forge his own way.

Good luck on the anger management!

n0name28 (quackthis)



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