A little perterbed.

I don't even know if that's how you spell it. But that's what I am!

WHY can't I comment on some people's blogs? Is it because they have Beta and I've been too afraid to change? I get the box for comment verification but all I see is a red x!

So to anybody who I normally read and haven't commented on lately, I'm sorry! I'm still reading but I can't comment and there have been some things I'd really like to comment on too! :)


MarillaAnne said...

Yesterday I had all manner of difficulties with posting ... and it wasn't just blogger! Some comment pages never loaded. Some comment pages took my comments out to never never land. AND just for good measure one of my longest comments got posted twice. Go figure.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Looks like it's working now :) Thanks for leaving such nice comments!



Hannah said...

When that happens, I just click "publish" without typing anything in the word verification box. Obviously it doesn't go through, but the next time the screen refreshes, the red "X" is usually gone ... hope this helps!!

noname said...

I had to comment anon for awhile because I switched to the beta. That's why I had (quackthis) after noname. Very glad they fixed that problem. Not sure about yours though unless blogger was acting up.



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