Random Thoughts

Zachary is the most frustrating kid one minute and the most loveable, sweetest, thoughtful child the next.

Lucas cracks me up. The expressions he uses are freaking hilarious.

Our kid's cd that we are currently listening to in the jeep HAS to be from Canada. Thanksgiving comes before Halloween in one of the songs. I've heard this song a billion times but it took Zachary to figure out that the song was *wrong*. He was not happy because we "haven't had Thanksgiving yet!"

There is only 46 days till Christmas. I say only, but really that's a LONG time away to already be playing Christmas music. Ugh.

I wish the morning sickness and bloating/pain in my stomach would go away.

For work to have the steam shutdown yesterday and for the next 4 days, it's freaking roasting in here. My hands are so swollen it's going to take me days to get this swelling down.

Sex that leaves marks is oh, soooo, good. Thanks sweetie.

Pregnant sex is really the best.

I'm sooo ecstatic that Zachary seems to like and be EXCITED about his new preschool. I guess I should blog about that tomorrow.

Chuck made homemade turkey stew for dinner and then he and the boys brought me some at work. It's so yummy. I'm such a lucky mommy and wife.

I'm bummed that our state seems to be going democratic. *sigh* And come on, seriously, not shooting morning doves and losing the extra revenue is freaking ridiculous.

On the end of politics, I'm kinda sick about all the talk about the rights of every other worker EXCEPT state workers. Why the hell should I have to pay for pensions of others, when I don't even have a pension?

My house is messy. I tried to clean up today before naps, but it seems a never ending battle. My frustration with *that* should be a whole post in itself.

And one last thing. I miss working "just" production. I've enjoyed doing WORK tonight and feeling like I accomplished something rather than answering a billion and one questions, putting out fires, updating databases and inputting production and all the other things I do as a lead worker. *sigh* And I don't even get paid that much more.

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Angella said...

I hope the morning sickness ends - I don't miss that AT ALL!



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