Crayola Color Wonder Sprayer


Zachary has asked for four things this holiday season. On Friday night we go to see Santa and he asked for 3 different things: a dollie, a car and a telescope.

But the one thing he's continually asked for is the Crayola Color Wonder Sprayer.

And they are SOLD. OUT!

I'm frantic. I want him to get this from Santa. I've checked all the stores in my local town. SOLD. OUT. I've checked online stores. SOLD. OUT. I may have to be calling in favors from relatives in other towns because I absolutely refuse to pay over retail price on ebay. That's ridiculous!!!

I've never had a year where Zachary has really aksed for something and this is not that expensive so I could get it for him. And he LOVES art. Loves creating...and we always do this together. Bummed. That's what I am.


Angela said...

Hi Lisa

I can't remember how I got to your blog, but I love reading it, your family sound so like mine, I too have 2 boys.

The Crayola Colour Wonder sprayer sounds exciting, but sorry, can't help you out, it doesn't even look like it's made it to NZ yet. Good luck.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh I hope you find it! I keep saying I'm done shopping and Sarah keeps finding other things she's DYING for .. UGH

Hannah said...

Bummer!! What IS a crayola color wonder sprayer?? I've never heard of them, I guess we don't have them down here yet ...

I hope you find one!

Anonymous said...

I will try to help out!


noname said...

I don't know what regular price is but ebay appears to have a bunch of them. I copied Crayola Color Wonder Sprayer from your blog and put it in the search box and pulled up quite a few of them. Could get it in time for Christmas easily enough. Hope this helps!



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