Ever have one of those moments?

Where you are looking at your kids and wondering

"Where the hell did MY kids go?"

My boys are um, active. That's how several babysitters, daycares, and grandparents have expressed their opinion of them. I say boys, but really it's more Zachary. He's VERY active.

We've taken him to a psychologist who believes he is very unique. Well, duh, I could have told you that! But, the psychologist also told me that he wants to have Zachary tested for several different disorders and have his IQ tested because he feels it may be very, very high. Now, that is wonderful. I'm quite aware that he is of more than average intelligence. But add to that the fact that he is so incredibly hyper and that typically loud restuarants or crowds send him into a bit of a tailspin, behavior wise, and it makes it very hard to taken him many places and get good behavior.

And Lucas. Well, he's 2. So he's completely unpredicatable anyways.

So, imagine my surprise tonight at dinner. We went to BD's Mongolian Barbeque. I had a craving for some Mongolian. Don't ask me why, but it was a strong craving.

I suggested the idea to Chuck, where it was met with a less than enthusiastic "um, sure, whatever". He doesn't much like taking the boys to restuarants. But, while Chuck was in the shower to go, Zachary and Lucas and I had a heart to heart about their behavior and what I expect from them at the resturant. And also what to expect of the place.

Maybe that's what made the difference tonight. Zachary is such a routine oriented child that maybe the unknown is another thing that is so scary. I don't know. We are just feeling our way along with him. But needless to say during the meal, I complimented the boys MANY times on their behavior and how well behaved they were being. At the end of the meal (which was fantastically good!) I was astonished that we didn't have one meltdown, trying to sit with another table, trying to run away (well, except Lucas...he wanted to go with Daddy a couple of times but he wasn't trying to get away from us), no screaming, throwing things, playing with their food, nothing.

I asked Chuck...just where the hell did my kids go? On the way home, they proved they were still mine :)


grandma said...

as I say many times...paybacks!

MamaTink said...

LOVE the grandma comment :) My Step-dad gave me the same curse...her name is Jenna. :) okay, did that come out right?? My HUSBAND and I created Jenna...my step-dad did the cursing LOL!!!

ANYWAY!! I always smile when I see other people at restaurants with kids running amuk. I try to catch their eye and give them "the look" you know, the one that says...I've been there. I feel your pain :)

I'll be curious to see what the testing outcomes for Zachary are. :) How old is he?


Angella said...

Glad you got to have a nice dinner out :)



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