Really nice Thanksgiving weekend.

We went to my parents and had a huge turkey dinner with a whole table of desserts (as always) and ate way too much (as always). Then spent the night and the boys slept like crap and the next day we went to the Christmas store to buy our yearly country ornament.

Every year, Chuck and I choose a country to research and find out about the customs of that country. Then we take some of those customs and teach them to the boys. Explain that other countries do Christmas time a little differently. We also find a traditional Christmas cookie or dish and make that with the boys. It's a lot of fun...I don't know how much the boys get out of the tradition, but Chuck and I enjoy it. This year we chose Poland as I have some family from Poland and I'd like to learn more about it. So off we trot to the Christmas store to buy the Polish flag and a traditional Polish ornament (we chose the traditional Polish Santa this year...it was made in Poland too!)

Then on to the in-laws. I normally dread this time because it always throws me into anxiety attacks. But my SIL is in the hospital and my MIL worked the entire time so it was just Chuck, I, the boys, my nephew and my FIL and we had a GREAT time. Everything was so relaxed...the boys LOVED playing with their cousin and we had some nice chats with my FIL. We didn't get to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal that we typically have, but it was so nice to have a non-rushed, non-stress weekend. We ended up spending the night and putting up their Christmas trees for them as the annual church Christmas party is at their house next weekend and nothing was decorated. Poor MIL. She's already a nervous wreck!


Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving, Lisa. I love the idea of teaching your boys about a different country each year - what a great thing to do!! I'm sure they will really value that when they are older.

noname said...

OMG what a cool idea, the different country each year!

I think I cause stress at holidays, too as I want everything done orderly and, well, it NEVER happens. (and that's usually because of me, too, lol) Our started our rushed but turned out, in the end, to be pretty relaxing. Sounds like you guys had fun and that's the most important thing.



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