I admit it, I'm a dork.

Okay, first of all...isn't this the absolute cutest kiddo towel ever?

Sooo, maybe I am a little biased, considering I made it!

I have been doing hooded towels using regular bath towels for quite some time now. Well, since my friend gave me some for the birth of Zachary. So that's been almost 5 years ago. And I love them. The boys love them. And they are so simple to make.

I have some friends who have opened a store called Basically Babies. They have all kinds of really, really cool stuff in there including lots of things made by work at home moms (WAHM). Allison had asked if anybody else made anything as they were still looking for some more unique items for the store. That's when I offered up my hooded towels. They asked if I could embellish them and make them more personable and cute...sure, I thought...I just don't know how to do that! So today (in all my spare time between work, sleep, changing the car oil, dropping off and picking up Zachary at preschool) I whipped up a duck towel. For my first attempt, I think I did a bang up job!

And ya know what else? It was FUN. I enjoyed creating something. Having something at the end that I could look at and say "Cool! I like it. I accomplished something!" So, we'll see what the owners of Basically Babies says and maybe make a little store credit to pay for the cloth diapers and nursing supplies I'm sure to be buying from them!

Secondly, have any of you noticed my new countdown ticker on the side there? Yep, over there. Take a look!

It's HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX! Release date of 7/13/07.

I love Harry Potter and own all 4 of them so far. The boys love them too. As a matter of fact, one of Zachary's first words was Harry Potter. Kinda sad, isn't it? From what I was reading the release date for the book may be (only speculation here) 7/7/07. So we shall see. *rubbing my hands together in anticipation!*


Anonymous said...

No you are not dork.. it is cute thing you make.. Can you make the size for baby? .. I would love to buy some from you to pass along to my friends who just had babies??


Jessi said...

That's an *adorable* towel!

Angella said...

That looks awesome!

Hannah said...

Great job, Lisa!! I love hooded towels as well, they are so great for babies and big kids!! Love the duck one - and I'm sure my boys would love it too ;-)

noname said...

I think it's cute as hell! I used a lot of hooded towels for my babies and went for the cutsey ones quicker than the plain or striped ones. Ducks rule anyway.



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