Last day of NaBloPoMo

and I feel crappy. Still.

First off, I am sitting here writing with the worst case of acid reflux I've had in a while. To the point I want to throw up. Pretty much the same feeling I've had all day long...except stronger now. I hate dry heaving. Sometimes, I wish I would just get it out of my system and be done with it. My boss asked tonight (as I talked to her on the phone...I feel way too shitty and tired to go to work today) if the dr's are going to look into what might be wrong. I explained "I'm pregnant! It could go on my whole pregnancy." Ugh. And the tiredness. I feel like all I've done is slept today and I still feel tired. Come on people! I'm 16 weeks along...shouldn't this feeling be gone by now?

Second off, why does every unexpected bill have to happen right before Christmas? The van died. I'm hoping it doesn't need a new fuel pump and it's just the filter. But until I can get it fixed, I'll be getting up at 7, getting dressed taking him to work so I can have the jeep to take Zachary to preschool...then at 4 pm, rushing up there, picking him up and dropping him off at home with the boys so that I can make it back to work by 4:30. And not be late (because I just got "talked to" about my time issues. This sick day dropped me back to next to nothing.)

Then there's Chuck Driver Responsibility Fees. $250 due 12/20/06 or his license gets suspended. Why does he have to pay these? Because he's gotten 3 tickets in the last year for speeding. Niiice.

Then I got nailed for a bill that went to collections for Lucas's circumcision 2 1/2 years ago!! I think I may have seen one bill for that at some point...but what's up with never sending anything else and then oh...right before Christmas say pay it or we're going to litigation. *sigh* Another $250.

Blech. I'm not close to done shopping either. I hope that tomorrow I'll feel better. I'm going to drink a big glass of milk and see if that will stop the acid reflux. Great. Another dry heave.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. hope things will be better soon for you in your path !


noname said...

I hope you feel better soon! Have you tried eating bread or crackers along with the glass of milk?

The collections bill....maybe if you call and say you want to set up payments they'll hold off demanding you pay it in full before Christmas.

doswald74 said...

hang in there Hun....remember - stress aggrevates everything - mostly the acid production!! I ate tums like mnms when preggers with Emily..

{{{ HUG }}}}

Hannah said...

Oh crap, Lisa!! I had reflux and heartburn SO BAD with Tyler. I found liquid Mylanta & Gaviscon and what a difference!! So if you haven't tried them yet definitely give them a go. Worked much better than the Tums or chewable Mylanta tablets, IMO.
Oh, and mine lasted until the day Tyler was born. Sorry :-(

I'm sorry to hear about the bils and stuff, that really is awful to have happening right before Christmas. I hope you're able to wait and pay them later.


Julie Q said...

So sorry to hear about the acid reflux. With my second, tums were my very best friend. I ate them like candy. I had it the entire pregnancy. Dry heaves too. I know doctors can prescribe something for it, but mine never did.

Bummer on the unexpected bills. I agree, they might take payments on the over due bill. Perhaps not small ones, but better than the entire thing at once.

MamaTink said...

Tyr yogurt for the acid reflux...it's thicker, and helps to coat the linig a little better than milk, on the way down. Hugs on that, it's so awful isn't it?

I hear ya on the bills. We're in the same boat right now :( Wouldnt May be a much better time for all of this?!




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