What's better than Toby Keith tickets?

FREE, yes FREE Toby Keith Tickets.

FREE babysitting!!

And a freaking rocking show!

A couple of weeks ago, someone from my mom's group had 2 extra tickets that her husband had gotten from work. She desperately wanted someone to use them so was giving them to two lucky people.

I really like Toby Keith. Especially his Americanism in his songs. So Chuck agreed to go with me, although he's not a huge country fan, be he too think Toby is a patriot.

I called my brother and he said he could watch the kids for the night and Chuck and I went out to the concert, which was in our local area too!

So the whole evening cost us about $16 for parking and Jimmy Johns subs after the show.

It was back at my old Alma Mater and I have to admit I always feel a little nostalgic going back onto campus. Remembering the carefree times. The times of no-responsibility, no bills except my bar bill. *sigh*

Chuck and I discussed that a little becasue while I was MORE than ready to get out of the town when I graduated in 1999, he was just starting his college stint since he'd never gone before and felt that he missed out on that part of his life...that I lived to the fullest. But, I was sooo sick of the parties and loud shit going on when I had to be up at 6 am to go to work and be a responsible adult in the world. And maybe I was just a little resentful that I couldn't be having the fun anymore (or felt I couldn't anyway).

But, that chapter of my life is over now...and when I got back to my brothers and had to carry the sleeping boys out to the car, it was just as nostalgic to have them snuggle their heads into my neck.

But the show ROCKED!

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Christi said...

Yes, I kinda feel like your hubby in that I didn't go to college and didn't get to enjoy those young adult days. I often feel I missed out but Hugh has 'lived'. He lived in Germany for 5 years, in Hamburg. So my mind races with all the good times he had. Drinking, dating, sex; just having fun without any cares in the world. I've never had that. There's never been a moment in my life where I didn't have something to think about or someone to think about besides myself.



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