13 week appointment

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and Lucas went with me to see Sameerah. I was soo excited because I knew we'd be able to hear the heartbeat finally!

Well, as normal, we went over all the other stuff first...

*How are you eating? Are you still nauseas? Not much at all. Yep, a lot of the time but Preggie Pops are my best friend lately.

*What things settle your stomach? Depends on the day. Some days I can't stand the smell of chicken and other days it's super yummy!

*Do you have any questions? Sure! Is it still okay to sleep on my stomach? (It is!!) What meds can I take, if I need to, for seasonal depression? (she gave me a list and said if the dr. recommends something different to call her and she'll check them out for me).

Then we got down to the good stuff. We pulled the chair right up next to the "bed" so Lucas would be close and be able to hear the doppler. And nothing. Nothing.

So, Sameerah said, "well, I guess we'll have to do a quick ultrasound. Nothing official you understand!"

I was still excited! I'd be able to see our baby!! But at the same time, I was a little hesistant for two reasons. #1. I had promised Zachary he could see the baby on the t.v. too and I told him that wouldn't happen that day! #2. Why can't we find a heartbeat? What's wrong?

In rolls the machine and Lucas hops back up on the chair to watch the baby t.v. Sameerah found the baby right away and he instantly started jumping. And I mean JUMPING! And then she found the little heartbeat. She figures it was right around 140 beats per minute. *big sigh of relief* Sameerah said that the baby was VERY active and probably why we couldn't find the heartbeat. I wonder if it's not because I'm carrying extra belly weight.

Lucas sat so still and intently watched everything but honestly I don't think he knew what to make of the whole thing because what was on the screen didn't LOOK like a baby.

I told Zachary what had happened when we picked him up from preschool. He was having a fit that he had to leave and had told me for the umpteenth time this month that I'm mean and not fair at all and I couldn't see his papers. He was "going to go home and throw them right in the trash!!"

Then I brought up the baby. He was predictably bummed that he didn't get to see the baby. Our conversation:

Z: But you told me that I could see the baby too!!!
Me: But Zachary, I didn't know we would be able to see the baby today. And besides you didn't really miss anything. You know what the baby looked like?
Z: No, what?
Me: A chicken nugget!
Z: *hysterical laughing* Aw, Mama, you are so funny! I'm gonna let you see my papers because you made me laugh!

He's a great kid. And his love for his baby brother or sister shines right through already.


Hannah said...

Sounds like a great appointment, Lisa! I'm glad to hear things are well with baby and with you! Hope the nausea goes away soon though.

Kelly said...

OK that chicken nugget thing made ME laugh out loud :P What a sweet little dude.

Anonymous said...

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