Now, I should start out by saying I'm not technically a boob nazi. I breastfed both my boys and will breastfeed this child because I know it's the absolute best thing for my kids to have. But I don't enjoy breastfeeding. Not that it hurts, or anything like that, but more because my ass is planted in the same spot for 45 minutes every 2 hours. Plus, I can't produce enough to feed them totally on breastmilk, so I kinda feel like a failure at that too. But, I give them some and I'm happy I can do that!

However, whenever I hear about a mom being removed or asked to leave from a public place for breastfeeding, my hackles go up. It's not like the kids are 12 and breastfeeding. They are babies!

What am I talking about? A mom being removed from an AIRPLANE after discreetly breastfeeding her 22 month old. She refused to be covered up, but honestly the ONLY person that could have seen her was the stewardess. And if you don't like it get over it!

Now I've heard all the crap about how it's a sexual thing and people don't want their children to see boobies because it's SEX. Bullshit! Breasts were made for feeding our children. Society has made them sexual. And if anybody would teach their children to not sexualize women, we wouldn't have this issue anyway. I have absolutely no problem with my boys seeing a baby being breastfed. I have several friends still breastfeeding and they all know I'm perfectly okay with them doing it in the boys prescence.

One of my other issues with my breastfeeding experience was how I felt the need to be removed from situations because I was breastfeeding...I had to go and hide and miss out on family time, etc. I hated that. So after a few months, I stopped. If you don't like to see my FEED your GRANDCHILD then you can leave.

Nobody bats an eye at a baby being fed from a bottle. This shouldn't be any different.


Hannah said...

I totally agree, Lisa. Although here in NZ breastfeeding is VERY acceptable. In fact, you are more likely to be chastised for NOT breastfeeding in public. I know many people who have been criticised and attacked for choosing to bottle feed. Can you believe that??

Christi said...

Amen, Lisa!!! This is a topic that is very near and dear to me as well. Living in America for all my life, I know how it is and I knew staying there and breastfeeding I would have issues. Here it is common place and yes those of us that bottle feed get frowned upon. Good on her for not covering up and seeing the statement from the airline hacked me off too!!! Bugger them, why would she have to cover up??? Honestly how much of the breast can be seen when a 22 month old is breastfeeding????? But that doesn't matter, it's natural and shouldn't be hidden because some people have issues with it. Grow up people and move on!

Anonymous said...

Yah I have heard about this situation before, and I agree with you, it is nothing wrong to do breastfeeding in public places.. Simple they dont have to look then!




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