The value of the dollar

Zachary has a blue piggy bank. He loves to find money and put it in there and usually weasles money from his grandparents when he sees them too. I'm not talking DOLLARS or anything but more likes penneys, nickels and dimes. He thinks its so cool that he has money like mom and dad does. He also has a little money pouch that he keeps his money in...right now he's got over $5 in it. Zachary is learning the value of the dollar and I'm not afraid to tell him that he can't have something because we don't have the money for it...so he knows everything costs money.

So, a couple of months ago we went to Home Depot. He had to use the bathroom and so did I. Of course, the bathroom is at the BACK of the store so we had to walk through the housewares and appliances departments. I wanted to look at washing machines just to get an idea of price considering that I think ours is on the very last leg of life.

Zachary spotted the Kenmore Large Capacity front load washing machine. In bright cherry red. (unlike ANYTHING in our home). :)

Z: Momma, I like this one.

M: Yea, I do too. It's really cool isn't it?

Z: Yea. When I get bigger and get lots of money, I'm going to bring my piggy bank in here...because I'll have really really strong muscles...and I'm going to give them all my money and buy this washing machine. Then I'll take it home and I'll carry it in the house and I'll say: momma, I bought this for you! Where do you want me to put it?

M: *tear* Zachary, that would be very nice if you did that. Very nice indeed.

Nothing says I love my momma like a large capacity Kenmore in bright red. And honest to God, he's mentioned it more than once since that day.


MamaTink said...

Nothin' says love indeed :)


Hannah said...

Awww, how cute!!! That made a tear come to my eye, too. What a sweet little boy! :-)



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