I love Adam Sandler.

I always have...since my first time watching him in Billy Madison my freshman year of college. Ah, the memories.

And his new movie, while not really in his typical style, was still, in my mind, a great movie.

I've been doing (or trying to do) some re-examining of my life lately. Call it pregnancy hormones, I guess.

And this movie seriously made you look at life and think "WTH am I doing?"

About 3/4 of the way through it I started crying...and didn't stop till the end. Now, I cry at a lot of stuff. But not usually that much or that long. I actually turned to Chuck at one point and said "Okay, seriously this is really, really depressing!" He agreed. But true to good movie form, things turned around.

I had another post all worked out in my mind for today. But I honestly forgot what that post was even about now. All I can think about is Click. I guess the moral that I came away with is don't take even one second for granted. Not the fights, not the flu, nothing. Because it all makes you who you are and who your family is.

If you haven't seen it, watch it.


Hannah said...

Another big Adam Sandler fan here, Lisa!! Love him!!

And I totally agree, "Click" is a great movie. I mean sure it had cheesy bits and it was all a bit predictable, but the underlying message was brilliant. Too many people just immerse themselves in their work and forget about the stuff that really matters. Then later on, when it is too late, they realise they screwed up.

I shed a few tears while watching it as well. Because it really did hit home, and it made me even more determined to focus on the important stuff in life and never to take anything for granted. Because life is precious.

Julie Q said...

I really enjoyed the Click. The lessons in the movie are for everyone. :)



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