To be a kid again...

Do you remember what it was like to, on a crisp fall day, run and play in the leaves?
Intead of thinking "OMG, when the hell am I going to have time to rake all those leaves?"

Do you remember the awe that you felt when going to the fair or festival and seeing those huge tractors and just itching to ride one?

Instead of looking at it like a hunk of metal used to get the work done?

Do you remember the excitement of the first snowfall of the year? Running outside to make that first snowball, that first snowman?
Instead of looking at it snowing in October and thinking "WTH?!?! Seriously, I don't have my leaves raked, the fertilizer down, the trailer put away" and on and on and on?

That's one of the greatest things about having kids. Seeing all those first and awe-inspiring moments again through their eyes. But truth is, I don't take enough time on a daily basis to really enjoy those moments. Or take the time to play with them in the leaves, or in the snow. "I'm busy right now" seems to be heard more than "the laundry can wait". And that's sad. Because I want to build those memories and traditions with the boys and our next child. I've been reading the The Happiness Project and finding quite some inspiration in it. I need to focus on my happiness in order for my family to be happy too. So, while I'm not going to intentionally step on someone's toes, I'm also not going to worry about other's opinions. I control my own mood. I choose my temperment. I choose to make memories and have fun with my kids.

They are sleeping right now. Snug in their beds. And I rocked my 4 1/2 year old to sleep tonight in front of the fire and loved it. WE played in the leaves in the front yard today and I saw a ton of smiles. From everyone. That's happiness.


Christi said...

Awww, you almost made me cry, Lisa. I don't even get the opportunity to enjoy these things with my girls. And reading your post brought back many memories for me too. Hopefully next is going to be full of firsts; first fair, first American parade, first pumpkin patch, first real Halloween, first snow, etc! This list could go on for days! Good on you for thinking of your happiness and the happiness of your children! Enjoy every minute of it!

Hannah said...

Thanks for making me smile, Lisa. I really cherish the opportunities to enjoy new experiences with my boys. Not necessarily the ones you've mentioned of course, but ones that are fun and exciting for my boys growing up here. First trip to the beach, first kiwifruit, first icecream cone, first rugby game!!
Thanks for helping me remember, and for reminding me that those things are what happiness is all about.

-Lo said...

I can feel your happiness!!! Rocking in that chair sounds quite lovely!!!!


Angella said...

What a sweet post!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nudge! I so need to do that as well. Baby Girl has been begging for us to start family fun nights back up and I keep telling her soon. Think we'll play Clue after supper tonight and get back on track.

Take care,
noname (quackthis)



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