Lisa wants....

Once upon a time, I saw this on someones blog or on a forum that I'm on. Go to google. Type in "(your name) wants" and see what comes up...

This is the story of what I want.

Lisa wants....ME (LOL. Considering I'm writing this...that's really kinda conceited isn't it?)
Lisa wants...to work with JJ and Bryan. (um, not really. Not sure who they are)
Lisa wants....to create. (Absolutely. I've found great pleasure in creating things lately).
Lisa wants....to bang Mike. (Shhhh...don't tell Chuck! LOL)
Lisa wants....to practice her Arabic. (Um, no. I do like to practice my ASL though!)

But honestly, I wrote yesterday about Santa. And what Zachary has asked for from Santa. There are a few things I'd like from Santa too. Unfortunately, my Santa doesn't have this much money!

I'd like a new LCD wall mount HDTV. That way we can get rid of the humongous t.v. and t.v. stand in the living room and make more room for toys, baby things and office stuff.

I'd like a new pc. I hate our pc at home. It is slower than slow and some days I have to shut it down and reopen it four times a day.

I'd like some new underwear and socks. I know. This is boring. But I'm seriously getting pregnancy belly and a lot of my undies are uncomfortable now. And somewhere along the way I've lost all but 4 pairs of my socks.

I'd like a maid. Hahahahaha. That'll never happen, but it's nice to dream isn't it?

I'd like all Adam Sandler movies. Preferably starting with Billy Madison.

I'd like some new dishclothes. Stupid thing, right? Why don't I just buy the damn things myself?

I'd like my Christmas to go as stress free as my Thanksgiving did. I'd really like to find everything I'm looking for in the first store on the first day of shopping and for it all to be on sale!

What would you like for Christmas?


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Ohh those are good ones!

I'd like a skinny digital camera that doesn't have a lens cap that keep flipping off and take movies as long as I need them not just 30 seconds.

I'd like a new winter coat (well A winter coat.. I haven't had a proper one in years).

I did get myself undies and socks (go me) but dish towels sounds lovely too.. and some wash cloths too while you're at it!

I want mini loaf pans, springform pans, bubble bath and Lindt chocolates.

Sigh... that does sound lovely no?

Anonymous said...

Umm.. I would want a house!!.. Yah in my dreams.. heh..

Anyway I would like to have some more clothes, tint window for my car, and vacummn!


noname said...

Gonna have to do the "teresa wants"...yours are funny. You can't bang Mike though. He's all mine! :P

Other than the frog balls I blogged about, I don't want any presents for Christmas this year. I'm starting to really stress over money (probably because I gave and ordered the frog balls, something I don't really NEED) and don't want any spent on me. I just want my family to be able to have a nice, stress free holiday together, and I want us to laugh.



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