Of course, being a mom there is always a ton of controversy surrounding the pacifier, binky, pacy, plug, etc, etc, etc.

I don't have a problem with them...except when they are used to shut the child up. Or if it's a case of a 5 year old using one at kindy.

I was a finger sucker and I always felt that it would have been easier to break the binky than the finger...so I wasn't too concerned when Zachary wanted his binky.

He actually didn't use one till he was about 10 months old and teething. It started as a teething toy for him and ended up being a soother.

But this isn't about how he started using it...but more how he stopped.

On June 16, 2005, about a month after Zachary's 3rd birthday, we got home late (like 8:45) so I stopped by McD's and got the boys some chicken nuggets. Zachary wanted to eat them outside...so we were sitting outside and I was like "oh I got something to tell you! Remember that party that we went to for Cousin Becky? and she was going to have a baby?"

He said "did the baby come?"

I said yes he did and his name is Cameron.

(now I should tell you've I've talked to Zachary about the binky fairy before this)

Zachary said "can the binky fairy come tonight and take my binkies to the new baby Cameron?"

I was shocked but said "Yes of course you can do that for baby Cameron!"

So we collected our binkies and called daddy to tell him what we were going to do (and I had to tell daddy to pick up a couple of "big boy toys" from the binky fairy) and then I got Ollie (Zachary's elephant that he's had since birth. It went everywhere with him).

Zachary said no, I don't want Ollie anymore (I almost started crying at that point!) He said give "Ollie to the baby Cameron too."

I said "no, we can keep Ollie" (even I have to keep him in my drawer somewhere...I won't get rid of Ollie)

So we put the binkies under the pillow in a baggie and we went to bed!!!!!!!! It took him almost 1 1/2 hours to go to sleep but he didn't try to get into his binkies...although he did take them out to look at them...and he didn't cry for them or anything!!! And it was all his idea! Chuck was like this is all so sudden I don't know how I feel about this...he was all choked up too...as was I ...it's like our baby isn't a baby anymore as of that night!

And after that he had found 2 or 3 binkies throughout the house and brought them to us for Baby Cameron. I would stick them in the cupboard and I think we just threw out the last one a month or so ago :)

So...I guess my point is...when they are ready to rid of them, they will.


MommyWithAttitude said...

Lisa that's a great story!

I gave both of my babies binkies, but one started spitting it out at 6 months and the other wouldn't even take it at all.

*I* was totally traumatized! Like, PLEASE take the binky when we're driving in the car, my boob needs a break, you can't fall asleep, I need to take a shower... etcetera!

MamaTink said...

What a great little boy you have there! my oldest and youngest both took soothers. My oldest we took hers away at 14 months. My youngest, well...I don't imagine he'll have it until he's three...but I do think it'll be awhile longer yet :)

I love the fairy idea!



Hannah said...

Wonderful story, Lisa!
We had a super easy time getting rid of Ethan's one, too. It was no big deal at all, and in retrospect I was glad he had one to comfort him when he was little.

Angella said...

Good to know the binky fairy works :)

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