We have baby movement!

O.M.G! How could I have forgotten to post this?

I laid down today after laying down with the boys for their naps. I was laying in my bed...just maxing and relaxing and I felt the baby kick. STRONG too. It was completely unmistakeable!

I held my breath, laying there, waiting for it to happen again...and alas it didn't. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow. My next dr. appt isn't until December 11 and then I get to schedule the ultrasound!!

I'm starting to get a little excited to find out what we are having. I'm still not 100% sure I want to, but I found the cutest crib quilt that I wanted to make (if it IS a girl) but I decided not to buy it until after I know for sure. But, oh, it was so cute!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

OH YAY!!! Hello in there precious little one!

Angella said...

SO COOL!!! :)

Hannah said...

That's awesome, Lisa!!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to share the ultrasound picture with me!


noname said...

I chose not to find out with my first two but absolutely wanted to know with my last. They told us she was a boy, right up until a week before she was born. Then they said 'oops, might be a girl'. She was dressed as a boy for a good long time though.

Very cool on the baby kicking. Definately makes it more real and exciting!



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