Announcements, Announcements, Annoooouuuuncements!

Lucas is going to be in the newspaper!

In our county journal they have a section called "community spotlight". It's a section where they ask people within the community silly little questions. Such as they asked high school student what their plans were after high school, etc.

Well, they went to Lucas' preschool and asked what the pet they want the most is and took his picture! So he'll be in the paper telling everyone he wishes he had a red bird. (Ack! I HATE birds)

He also got a free pass for the theatres down here. He'll be excited...he's been bugging to see the "Bee Movie".

Just had to share my little celebrity!


Hannah said...

Wow! How awesome is that?! You'll have to take a photo of the paper and share it when it comes out!

WTG Lucas! Can I have your autograph, little guy? :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :o) You must be proud of your son!

noname said...

Agreed... you should put the picture here. That's so cool!



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