Just in time...

For the holidays and our debit card is GONE. And there's only 2 or 3 checks in the checkbook.

This just sucks. I called and cancelled the card hoping that there is no additional charges especially considering it comes directly out of my checking account. But, we're going on the road for Thanksgiving and we have no way to pay for things. I hope that they can get us a new card by Wednesday. I'm thinking that might not happen though.

On another happier note, we had date night last night and had a good time hot tubbing again. We've already set up the sitter for our next date night...Dec. 22. It'll give us a chance to finish any last minute shopping and maybe de-stress a little and enjoy some time to ourselves before the mayhem of the holidays hits us. We might even be going scrapbooking next month....and scrapping some of our early days together. I think it'll be fun...we'll take a walk down memory lane and at the same time get some of it down for the kids to be able to look back on as they get older.

On our date night last night, I also found a new drink that I like a lot-Long Beach Iced Tea. Woowee! It's strong too. One drink and I'm floating....I'm such a cheap date. ;)


Hannah said...

Sorry about your debit card! :-(
But I'm glad you had a nice date night.

XOXOXO said...

If you bank at MSUFCU, you can go in and get another one made. Might want to call whatever bank you use and ask.

noname said...

Have you gotten your debit card replaced yet?



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