Nope, not the ones attached to my baby. These are the greatest invention on earth. Well, maybe not on earth but definitely for the momma!

Babylegs are basically baby leg warmers. They go on their entire leg and keep them warm and protected once they start crawling. They also make diaper changes AMAZINGLY easier.

Think about this. You have a little girl. You're going outside during the winter and yet she's wearing a dress. Do you change her? Try to shimmy her little legs into tights and try to hold the wriggling baby still while you try to fit her tights over a cloth diaper?

(*yes* those are pink skull and crossbones. My girl is representin')

Nope, you pull on babylegs. Then you don't have to go through the whole tights process over and over and over again when you change dipes.

Chuck was dubious at first. Now he thinks they are uber cool too. In fact, E is getting a Union Jack pair for Christmas :) Now Zachary wants a pair to wear on his arms so he can wear his "cool" short sleeve shirts in the winter.

This blog...our blessed arrows is having a drawing for babylegs....3 winners. Check it out!


Hannah said...

They sure do look like a great invention! I've never had the pleasure of trying to yank a pair of tights over a diaper while holding a wriggling baby girl, but I can imagine it would be difficult!

Love the pink skulls & crossbones!

Angella said...

Emily has baby legs and they are GREAT!



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