I've stated this before...I vaccinate my children. 100% vaccinations. Exactly on schedule.

I think it's irresponsible to not vaccinate your children. I understand that there are possible side effects of vaccinations...possibly contracting some of the viruses, a VERY small chance of autism. But is it better to be contracting the diseases that are being vaccinated against? Is it better to be putting society at risk by possibly re-introducing some very serious diseases?

However, I don't know how I feel about government mandating vaccinations. On one hand, I can somewhat understand them trying to keep the children healthy. On the other hand, is it truely neglect? If they fight this, will it even be constitutional...threatening jail time in order to get the children vaccinated? I'd be curious to hear what some of you guys think about it.


Hannah said...

Like you, I believe every child should be vaccinated. However, when you start taking away parental rights, I don't think it's a good idea. They have done that here in NZ ... it is now illegal to "smack" or "spank" your children, and you can be arrested if you do it. I know there are people who abuse their children, but this law doesn't protect them, it just punishes the people who are good parents. I think parents need to have a certain amount of choice when it comes to raising their kids. Vaccination is one of those choices. You can't force people to do it! Just like you couldn't force parents to feed their kids vegetables, even though it's good for them. Most parents do that, but some don't, and having a law which says they must isn't really going to make them change their attitude. It's going to make them angry and resentful.

Well, you asked for opinions and there is my long-winded one! LOL!

XOXOXO said...

This is very close in my thought process of "The government needs to keep there laws off my body." It should be the parents choice.

Once again, I agree with your train of thought!

Simply Elephant said...

I guess I'm not opposed to this one. I agree that parents should get to make the decisions on whether or not they should vaccinate their children, but at some point, you have to play by the rules. All that the county is doing is enforcing a policy ALREADY in effect, and that each and every parent has been notified about and warned about multiple times over the last couple of months. There are ways to become an exception to that policy (religious reasons, medical reasons, etc), so if the parents are opposed to vaccinations, there are other options. However, you can't just keep using a public facility run by the school administration without following the rules that the school administration has put into place and that you were TOLD about. If you oppose them, do something about it. All that the county is trying to do is enforce the policy so that those of us who assume that a child who has not been vaccinated will not be in school with my vaccinated child who could still be a carrier of a disease that could kill my younger children, too little to receive the vaccine, are safe in that assumption. Just my two cents.

Alexia said...

I'm really sick of the government sticking their nose into every little thing that we do. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away!

I can understand mandating certain vaccines...like the ones that are contagious. BUT there are alot of vaccines that can be left out of that. Like the cervical cancer one & chicken pox.

I really could rant and rave about our government, but I don't think I'd ever stop :D



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