This is a post entirely dedicated to boobs.

Generally speaking...my boobs.

Specifically speaking...my boobs are broken!

They freaking hurt like hell. Well, not even so much the entire boob as it is my nipples. The boobs only hurt when I'm trying to type or do anything in front of me with both hands because they are swollen past their J cup to overflowing that said J cup to the point where I had to squish them into the nursing bra when I was done. So, when I type my arms push on either side of my boobs and they hurt.


So glad you asked.

It's either a) mastitis. Which really puts me off because when I think mastitis, I think animals. Cows, rabbits. Because that is what I have experience in. or b) a yeast infection more commonly known as thrush. Luckily E doesn't exhibit thrush type symptoms so at least it's not entirely painful for her (although Chuck said she's sounding kinda raspy. Yuck!)

In either case, it's pain for 3-5 days before it goes away (more like 5 I'm guesstimating) and excrutiating pain when nursing or pumping. If I'm still having these symptoms, I'll need to get to the midwife before Thanksgiving since we are going to the in-laws for 2 days and my parents for 1 day.

I find it weird that in my 15 months of nursing experience I've never had this happen before. I think this hurts worse than the nipple burn I had a year or so ago. Actually, I know it does.


noname said...

Serious ouch. Hope it's over super quick...can't imagine.

Hannah said...

Ouch Lisa - I'm so sorry. I never had mastitis but I had thrush once while I was breastfeeding Tyler, we both had to be treated. HORRID!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good visit with doctor today with a result to make it go away.



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