That friend

I had an enchanting email chat with an old friend tonight.

A friend at work came up to me afterwards as I was sitting here typing and asked what happened because I just looked different. Weird.

I was trying to describe how I was feeling…which is hard enough to do with words, let alone in sign language when I don’t know all the signs I was trying to use.

But she hit the nail on the head. Young.

I felt young again. I felt like someone had enveloped me in a big long hug. It just feels right because they make you feel good about you.

I feel that way after chatting with Chuck, in bed, in the dark, half the night.

I think it has something to do with being able to say anything and not having to look at them in the face. Because even though I know they would accept me anyway, it’s so much easier for me to say things and not look them in the eye. I’m able to be honest and open. But it’s not that way with everyone…just these certain people.

I think everyone should have “that friend”. The one that makes you feel young and excited again. I’m lucky in my life because I have 2. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

Glad I came at right time to have this chat moment. I was in your shoes before, and I knew it s okay to have that feelings after I have spoke to some friends. I realized it s very normal in long time relationships.

XOXOXO said...

i know this feeling, and I am so glad you got a chance to enjoy it!!!

noname said...

Mike does that for me. Makes me feel young, thin, beautiful and special.



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