Sometimes I feel that Lucas gets the short end of the stick.

I am a middle child. I remember what it was like never being the first and not being the baby (who coincidentally got to do EVERYTHING!) I felt kinda unimportant sometimes. (Not all the time mind you because I was the genius of our family ;) and the only girl!)

Lately, I think it's been affecting Luke too. He's been very very needy lately. For example, he asks me almost daily if I'm going to eat dinner with them tonight. When I say no...not until the weekend, sometimes I get tears and hysterics, sometimes I get a "nooooooooooooo, I wanna eat with you". Either way it's heartbreaking.

He's been begging me for a while now to stay at home with me during the day. He's not been feeling 100% either for the last couple of days so in the morning he's been asking to sleep with me a little longer in my bed and cuddle. I sooo wish I could. I hate turning down opportunities to cuddle with any of my kids, but alas, Zachary must get to school on time. State laws for truancy and all that.

However, I promised him yesterday that today he could stay home from preschool with mommy. I asked him what he wanted to do figuring he'd tell me McDonald's or something equally as exciting. Nope. He wanted to play with me all morning. Blow leaves and paint and lay in bed together. Yay! My kid wants to be with me!

We had a p.j. day today. Even Elizabeth didn't get out of her pajamas. We got back from dropping Zachary at school and made pumpkin pancakes. (The best damn pancakes I've ever had too!) We then watched Monsters Inc in bed together (I napped just a little while we cuddled) and then painted. I didn't worry about anything today, not the dishes (sorry Chuck), not the laundry, not the floor getting vacuumed. I concentrated on my little boy.

I had hoped that all this positive one on one (well I guess E was there too...but she napped well today! Hooray!) would do wonders for his attitude.


OMG I think he was worse this afternoon after Zachary got home from school then he was before! Chuck said while I gave him an inch, he wanted a mile.

I think I might try to turn it into a weekly or biweekly thing though...I had a lot of fun with him this morning. Maybe I'll have a date morning with Zachary during the weekend. I think it's important to have some good quality mom time.


XOXOXO said...

Oh, Honey. I totally understand. I was the middle child (and the genius) and Nessa was raised the only girl between two boys for the first half of her life.

Things are hard on the ones in the middle. Just keep doing what you are doing (Your Best) and he will be fine.

Much loved and aware of how lucky he is to have a Mom like you!

Alexia said...

Completely ignore Chuck :) Mommy Time is the best cure! It might help if you could spend some time with JUST Lucas (No E) also. I know my siblings fight over that kind of time with Mom. (let me know if you want a free sitter...I'd help a momma out).



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