No real profound thoughts from me today

Instead a rant and a funny picture.

I have to rant about this and get it off my chest. Afterall the reason I started this blog was to get things off my chest so I didn't explode. I started this for me, so this is a rant for me.

We're busy people. During the week, we are single parents with 3 kids, 2 dogs and an 850 square foot house. I try to keep up with errands and laundry while the kids are in school and after school we have lunch and naps. Then Daddy gets home and they have a few minutes of chill time before dinner has to be started, homework needs to get finished up if I didn't finish it (oh yea, Zachary already has homework EVERY NIGHT), baths, bedtime, etc. Then Chuck has to go to bed so he can get up at 5:30 in the morning. On the weekends, if we don't have family obligations (like birthday parties, etc) we like to do family things like camping, going to park, whatever. And then on the other weekends, we work on the yard stuff.

We haven't started re-landscaping our yard yet. We've lived here for 3 years now and had 2 children in those 3 years. WE have a limited amount of money to do remodeling and we've done what we could on the inside of the house where we LIVE. That's on top of insulation we've put in, the furnace we've fixed, the water heater that's been replaced and numerous garage trips for our 1993 van.

So....when our neighbor stopped by today and asked if we had a weed wacker, I figured it was a neighborly question if he could borrow it. Nope. He wanted to let us know he had one because our grass was getting a little long on the fencerow. So Chuck said "what you want to trim it up? Go for it!" I about laughed (I love my husband). He said that he wanted us to do it. His wife wanted him to speak with us about it and make sure we did it because she doesn't like it. So as if this wasn't enough to take me aback a little (the grass wasn't that long...maybe ankle length in the fence)...he went off about how we should know she's a huge bitch and well, actually a cunt. Yes, he used that word to describe his wife.

Okay, if Chuck EVER talked about me like that to friends or neighbors I'd be soo mad. I'd be trying my hardest to kick his ass. Second, where the hell do they get off? Seriously? Their lawn was longer than ours was several times this summer. They have no kids and both work good jobs, so of course their yard is much more sculpted (they put in a pond this year). I mentioned something about how I'd like to do some things like that in our yard, but we can only do one thing at a time and this year we did E's room. Her response was "well, that's why we work on the inside during the winter". I think she missed my point that we can't AFFORD to do more than one huge project during the year.

So, I mowed the lawn (this is going to count as exercise for me because I did it with E strapped to my chest. It was a bit of a workout). While I was mowing, I got more and more pissed. I'd love to march my fat ass (which I'm sure bothers her that I ruin her view out her windows) and ask them to keep their damn cat in their own damn yard. That way I wouldn't have to hear my dogs barking at the cat and waking up E. I wouldn't find freaking dead birds on my doorstep (yes, RIGHT in front of my door), I wouldn't have half dead birds in my yard that I have to explain to my 3 yr old. The cat thing came up before and I was told by them "well, we can't really control cats". Oh, really? How about not letting them out of the house? How about that.

Man, the kids' toys, my 1993 Astro van, and cheesy children decorations must really irk her as she looks out over her pristine yard. Maybe I should find things that just might piss her off. ARGH! (I won't do that, but it's fun to think about).

Okay, I'm feeling better. A little. I'll leave you with a picture of my stupid ass dog, Frodo. Yes, that's a Doritos bag on his head. He's having some issues getting into the trash.

Day 3. Blog-check, Water-check, Exercise-check


Hannah said...

What a moron!! I can't believe he called his wife the "C" word!!! That's the worst!! Man, she might be a bitch for real but there's no excuse for talking like that to other people about her!!

And why should it bother her (or him) that your grass is a bit long?! I honestly don't get that kind of crap. They obviously have way too much time on their hands, worrying about somebody else's back yard!

XOXOXO said...

WOW - thankfully my neighbor is way cooler than that. I would have knocked her teeth in just for being smug.

I can't believe he used that word. that is totally unexcusable! WTF??

Anonymous said...

Wow, hope I dont have that kind of neighbor in the future time when we buy a house!



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