Is it so wrong...?

That I want to leave breastmilk in the fridge at work in a regular milk container, just to see if people drink it or will use it in their coffee? I'd love to see their reactions.

That everytime my co-worker, who is at least 200 lbs overweight and diabetic, talks about how her neuropathy is bothering her, I just want to ask her if she'd like yet another donut for the evening?

That I'd like to tell the women on my diaper board to shut their freaking holes? That if they don't like the new layout of the board to leave it? They don't pay to be there...they don't have a say. Period.

That'd I'd love to go out this weekend in knee high black boots, fishnets, and a trench coat for our date night. (I won't, don't worry. Everyone else would be heaving. And I wouldn't be able to walk after a night in high heeled boots.)

That it makes me feel totally loved that my hubby said I make him hard. Some of the women I know would think that's so trashy and disrespectful. I think it's hot.

That whenever the discussion about extended breastfeeding and the "benefits" come up, I want to scream that the benefits that are discussed are for THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! Your 4 year old does not need to breastfeed anymore for nutrition or antibodies...regardless if Jesus did.

That I want to ask this guy I work with if he realizes yet he's gay. For God sakes, he KNITS!

That whenever my boss talks, all I can think of is "Are you FREAKING kidding me? You're going to do what??!!"

That I'd like to make a comment to this woman at work who has given me and another friend of mine weight loss books and advertisements; something along the lines of "Wow...have you gained a little bit of weight".

That when people stop me and go on and on about Elizabeth I want to say to them " I know she's cute. So are her two brothers. Do you see them?" It irritates me that people tend to leave the boys out.

Some of these I need to find nice ways to do in order to shut people up.


Heidi said...

Amen to everything you just said! Especially the complaining about free stuff. Grr. Drives me crazy!

noname said...

Can't say I'd ever want to leave breastmilk in the fridge like that, but I feel ya on the others.

Especially people who complain about their issues without ever trying to help themselves!

XOXOXO said...

If I havent said it before - I totally want to be you when I grow up!!

;) And, when you are done, I want to borrow the boots - sore feet or not!

Alexia said...

You know...maybe you should just say something mean to those people - they'd probably shut up faster :D

And THANK YOU for saying something about extended breastfeeding...I thought I was a loner :(



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