In the back of my mind...

I had more plans for this month than just NaBloPoMo. I figured since I was working on doing ONE thing every day for the month, why not make it three things. Idiotic, I know. But I figured that focusing on these things together and lumping them together and maybe even, I don't know blogging about it might help me stick with it.

I am ready to lose weight. Actually, I'm ready to start getting into shape. I'm exhausted trying to keep up with my kids. And part of that goal is to start drinking water and exercising on a daily basis. Yes, drinking water on a daily basis too. In my life, the only liquid I get some days is my crack-Mt. Dew. I HAVE to have it. Yesterday I had one. Today, just one as well. I'm doing well on that front. I drank two 1-liters of water yesterday and am well on my way to accomplishing the same today.

But the exercise thing. Yea, not so well.

I hate exercising. Always have. The only way I would exercise in high school is if I didn't KNOW I was exercising. Like marching band.

But, I bought this cool dvd "Dancing with the Stars" that has 5 routines of dance moves. I love to dance. I figured it'd help me to do it. Day 2 of my month of blogging and getting fit and I've not exercised once.

I'm going to do this. I will not feel like a failure this time and quit before I get started. I will not eat myself into a happy state because I feel like a failure. I will use exercise as a stress-reliever and not food.

However, today, instead of exercising, I had a wonderful conversation with my little brother. We talked for almost 45 minutes. It was nice. It's the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed speaking with him. It always cracks me up how people have no idea where you are coming from until they are there in that same position. Then they act like they were the first ones to ever have that idea. That's my brother. But that's okay. At least he agrees with me now. I digress.

Onward to more blogging, more water, and exercising daily!

Day 2: blog-check, water-check, exercise-none


Hannah said...

Good for you, Lisa! I know you can do it! Have you heard of that lady who lost heaps of weight by walking around her clothesline?? She started out just doing it a couple of times each day, then increased to 10, 20, 50 times. It was her form of exercise as she couldn't afford to join a gym and she was too self-conscious to walk on the pavement where people could see her. You may not have a clothesline out the back, but the concept is there. Just an idea, for the days when you can't do the dancing DVD (which sounds like heaps of fun, BTW!)

Also, I completely understand your addiction to your drink of choice. I'm addicted to Coke Zero and have one every day (usually). It's okay because there's no sugar. Does Mt. Dew have a sugar-free low-cal version?? Perhaps you could switch if they do?

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well as you sound really motivated!

noname said...

Oh that exercising bit is rough. I decided Tuesday that Baby Girl and I would do 20 minutes of light exercise before supper every night. Went great Tuesday. Haven't done it since.... :( Going to do it tonight though. We had a great time, me on my bike and her in the floor in front of me.

My brother is the expert on most everything. I've had pets for soooo long. He's had a cat for a couple of years now. Yet I need to listen to him. Same with kids. I've got 4. He's got none. He's the expert..... grrr.

Go figure.

MLA said...

I know this is random and that I never comment, but I just have to get up on my soapbox about water. I LOVE water. Drinking water will change your life. I quit drinking pop my junior year of high school and started drinking like a gallon of water a day instead. I lost weight, my skin and hair were glowing, and I had REAL energy for once instead of just quick-jolt caffeine fixes. If you can start drinking water, seriously, everything else will follow suit.

As for exercise, join a women's hockey team somewhere. I am NOT kidding. My stepmom, who has always abhored exercise and is quite possibly the least coordinated person on the planet, joined the "mom's league" at our local rink last month and loves it. It's a really good workout and an excellent outlet for aggression.

Welp, that's my two cents for the day. Happy NaBloPoMo!



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