HIS #1 Sex Fantasy

Tonight I was reading the ever-fab Cosmo. Yes, I occassionally read Cosmo (Chuck mentioned he found it humourous I was reading Cosmo when 8 years ago it would have more likely been a Hustler).

But, with a front cover reading "His #1 Sex Fantasy", "Feel Sex More Intensely" and "Could Your Man Be Gay-a Foolproof Sign" (hmmm, maybe sleeping with other men?) I couldn't resist reading it to see what I may be missing (not about the gay thing. I'm sure I'm not missing that this time around).

Anyway, I was reading in how men's #1 fantasy is to have a take-charge, dominant woman in the bedroom. I was thinking hmmm ...interesting. I've talked to loads of guys about sex. Hell, for most of my life 90% of my friends WERE guys and not many of them ever expressed any interest in being dominated in the bedroom.

Maybe led to the water, so to speak, sure. Talked dirty to, absolutely. Let them know they are doing a good job, fantastic! But dominated? I was skeptical.

The domination article was actually the second article I read. The first one was qualities that men are looking for in a kick ass girlfriend. Let me just say that all those qualities are not likely to be found in the SAME woman. Two or three...MAYBE. But all four qualities? Probably not.

So, I turn to page 160 for some enlightment on what men "really want". Because I'm always up for some change. Something to kick it up a notch in the bedroom. Um, yea. I need to go back to reading Hustler, I think.

#1 Get him going. "To avoid freaking him out, give him advance warning. Call your guy up and tell him you're going to take him whenever and wherever" Okay, that's domination? I guess I always thought that was just being an open, sexual woman.

#2 Ambush Him. "If you grab him and give him...oral sex as soon as he walks through the door, he'll feel like your passion prey". Obviously this magazine is not written for those with children. That would be traumatic for the children to see, to say the least. But isn't a chick who's ready to give head whenever a perfect woman?

#3 Weaken His Resolve. Take his clothes off, but keep yours on. It says it'll give you the upper hand, but really? That seems so minute to me. I mean do most guys find that dominating or just weird?

#4 Make Demands. Tell him where you want to be touched and how. "He loves feeling like he's there solely for your pleasure." Isn't the bed kinda a two way street? Both parties should be getting pleasure out of it?

#5 Tie Him Down. Bring on the light bondage...handcuffs not required (unless you want them). Pin his hands down above his head with your hands or tie him up with your panties. Your sex slave will love it. This is where I seriously lost it. I laughed out loud and was glad no one was around to ask why I was laughing. Seriously? Tie him up with my panties? Aren't I supposed to still be wearing them (see #3)?? But "sex slave"???? Seems a little extreme wording for me. I think of a sex slave and picture a studded collar, ball gag, black latex, and whips.

I guess I'm a little more open and adventurous than most readers of Cosmo. But I'm really curious as to if this is as big of a fantasy for men as they say.


noname said...

I had to laugh, too. I can just imagine Mike's reaction, lol.

XOXOXO said...

Yeah, seriously, Penthouse Forum has way better tips....

Head Artichoke said...

There sense of domination is a little weak, to say the least.

And getting welcomed home with a blowjob is fun twice and then it gets annoying.

Anonymous said...

You are funny. That s all I can say LOL



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