Random Thoughts...again

I have a guilty pleasure. I don't watch much reality t.v. Well, none really. I don't watch much t.v. at all. But I LOVE "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila". I have no idea who she is but the whole premise is she's a bisexual trying to find the perfect love...she started with 16 men and 16 women and it's being widdled down now. Anyways, that's my guilty pleasure.

I started participating in an online fantasy aussie rules football game. I suck. Seriously, I am so not a numbers person obviously. But I am finding it fun...and I guess that's what matters.

Lucas cracks me up. The other day we were at my mom and dad's and I asked Lucas if he flushed the toilet. He gave his pat answer of "No. It's going to flow over." (He has some paranoia about this after it happened once) So, I hear Zachary go into the bathroom and flush it. Lucas' eyes got huge and he looked from Grandma to me and said "The toilet flushed all by itself!" He looked seriously spooked because the toilet was flushing all by itself. Then later, Chuck went into the gas station to get some water for E's bottle to make some formula. Chuck came back out with a bottle of formula and Luke asked us "Do they have a milk machine in there?" WE then explained how formula is made with water...and only mommy makes milk. He went on today about how he knows how baby's get milk. "They open their mouths real wide and drink from mommy's booby to get milk. And when they're done the milk just goes back up into mommy." LOL He's such a funny kid!

We got family pictures done today. They turned out really good. Really good. I'll scan them sometime and get them up. It took freaking FOREVER. I was so mad at one point I wanted to walk out. She couldn't get Luke and E to smile at all at first and kept doing Christmas ones after we told her that we didn't want Christmas pics...we wanted something neutral that could be up year round. So after being there for over 2 hours, we finally got our pics picked out. Chuck said that getting E's 6th month shot was all worth it, just for that shot. It's really cute!

I think I may go to bed now. I may actually get some good sleep tonight...we shall see.


Hannah said...

Lucas sounds like such a character! Cute!

Can't wait to see the photos!!

grandma said...

hannah, lucas is quite a charater! he has that look! but we love him!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture, you all are beautiful family!



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