Family Game Night

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I miss my husband. I know that sounds weird since he's living in the same house with me, but the whole working opposite shift thing sucks. We do it to save money on daycare. We do it so that our children are cared for by their parents. But it's still hard on our relationship sometimes.

A lot of people have told me that it must be great for our marriage...we don't see each other enough to fight. But we actually *gasp* enjoy each others company. We have fun together. And I am so much more relaxed when we spend a lot of time together..and we're both home to parent because when I'm having a rough moment, he can step in and vica versa.

What does any of this have to do with family game night? We had today off from work, being Veterans Day and all. The kids went to school this morning, Chuck and I and Elizabeth went to breakfast and finished some more Christmas shopping (and wrapping...we're down to just 4 adults and 2 nephews to complete. Plus an outfit for each of my kids). Then we picked up the kids from school, had lunch, took naps, Chuck cleaned the kitchen while I made homemade appleasauce and ham dinner. I played Go Fish with Zachary with some occassional help from Luke while everything was cooking. We had a WONDERFUL family dinner where Elizabeth joined us and ate some yucky Gerber food (I had opened it and needed to finish it), and then afterwards Chuck gave Luke a shower while I cleaned up the plates and got a game set up.

We decided instead of t.v. time like is the norm, we'd play a game and teach the boys to play Sequence. It's a fun game (still a *tad* too strategy for Luke really). The thing is with just one of us being home, that'd be hard to do after dinner, because there wouldn't be one of us cleaning up while the other one was showering. It'd be all Chuck....and he has to go to bed with the boys really so he can get up at 5 am. So there isn't much cleaning up AFTER they go to bed. We're just able to accomplish so much more, and therefore, have more family time when we're both home in the evenings. It's nice.

Another year and 1/2 or 2 years and we'll be to that point again....full-time.


Hannah said...

Sounds like a wonderful family evening! I think I usually take it forgranted that there are 2 of us around much of the time, and we get to spend a lot of time together. But I won't take it forgranted anymore.

noname said...

Sunday was like this for us. No game time, but Mike was home until around 7pm and we had the best morning together as a family (and Speedy). Want so many more of them. I'm greedy.



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