My baby is 6 months old TODAY!

Baby Elizabeth,

Wow. You are getting to be such a big girl! As I was changing you into jammies tonight and they are *almost* too small, I was a little sad. A little sad because she's getting bigger and growing out of clothing, a little sad because of the jammies they were. The weekend after we found out you were a little girl, Grandma B bought you these jammies that said "Mommy's Little Ballerina". I teared up then...dancing was the only "girly" thing that I did. And it was very special to me to have a daughter to be able to share that with.

I'm trying to make sure that I enjoy your infancy. I feel like I lost so much with the boys' baby-ness and I don't want to look back again and say "I didn't spend enough time and enjoy my children" enough. I love spending our mornings together, just you and I. I love that cuddle time and believe it or not, I love all the time we spend nursing too. You're still nursing wonderfully at this time (even if a little distracted at times) and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. This last month has been a HUGE month for you. You are sitting up all by yourself now and really trying to reach for things....until you fall over. Squash, sweet potato, applesauce, and bananas have become a part of your diet...and you much prefer mommy's homemade baby food over the processed Gerber stuff. When it's time to nurse, you've been "telling" me that by pulling on the front of my shirt...tugging on it as if to tell me "Hey mom! Get this off so I can eat!" Your smiles are given so freely and you giggle everytime we sing "Good Morning Birdie" song and throw you in the air. "Pony Girl" is another favorite of yours...actually anytime Daddy sings to you, you love it and you settle right down.

I think one of my favorite things about seeing you growing up is seeing you interact with your brothers. Zachary loves to help me with you...buckling you into your car seat, holding you when I need to do something, feeding you for Daddy at night. And your brother Luke tells me at least twice a day how incredibly cute you are. They love you...and we can tell that you love seeing them too!

I am excited though to see you turn into your own little person. You definitely have your own personality and look. It's amazing to see you turn into this tiny little baby into a beatiful little girl. I look forward to seeing more of that as well...and into a young lady. But I won't be trying to rush that.


Hannah said...

Wow, she is sooooooo cute in that photo!! And she looks much older than 6 months! She's going to be a really gorgeous & beautiful little girl (well, she already is, but you know what I mean) ... better get that gun loaded, Chuck! ROFL!

Happy 6 month Birthday, Elizabeth!

PS. the pics of your boys in the other post are so cute!! Love them!

MLA said...


noname said...

If that isn't the *cutest* picture!!

I feel this way with Jax. It's as if the boys happened to fast or something. I slowed down and enjoyed her as much as I possibly could. :)



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