I swear I should be a wedding coordinator. I LOVE weddings. I love trying and seeing unique things that make a wedding special and memorable.

My bff little sister is getting married in May and I so want to show her this and have her do it as her wedding party dance. How flipping cool would this be?

I've had many people tell me that our wedding was one of the most loving, unique weddings they've ever attended. We did a lot of things that are different...I guess not so much at the wedding itself, but at the reception.

We didn't have a garter toss, bouqet toss because I think it's cheap and celebrates being single more than being married...so instead we did a marriage dance. All the married couples got up and danced, then they sat down according to years married...so that the longest married couple was the last ones dancing. They then got the bouquet.

We auctioned off the first dance with the bride (I sold for $150 to Chuck's dad. He said he had $1000 in his pocket and would have paid it all to have the first dance.) It was so much fun and people really paid attention to what was happening on the dance floor. Which I think is what you need...so often you start losing people after dinner, you need something to start the party (especially if you have a much older crowd as we did.)

I not only danced with my father in a father/daughter dance, I danced with my mom in a mother/daughter dance. I also walked down the aisle with my mom and my dad both. They are both very important parts of my life and I felt weird leaving my mom out of that.

I think there was some other things, but I can't remember what now. I did LOVE Matt and Karen's wedding with the rose ceremony. It's always something I've kept in the back of my head as something so special and unique.

One of these days, I would love to be a party planner...but I'd have to choose my clients carefully because according to Chuck when I disagree with people I'm a bitch. Nice to hear that.

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XOXOXO said...

LOL I was gonna write about our wedding on friday! you totally got to it first!

I love the married couple dance.That was amazingly unique and creative.

If you ever want to do it, let me know. I've planned 4 so far. I can work with you when people are stupid. Stupid people are my specialty!



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